Who knew?

An interesting thing happened to me today on the way out of the bathroom… (You got to love stories that start out that way…) There I was at work minding my own business or actually finishing up my business as it were… I turned to head to the sink to wash up when the most amazing thing happened…You know that feeling when time slows down and you see your life in slow motion? This was one of those times… One of our employees from another department was walking past me as I turned around… I began to step forwards towards the sink as they passed in front of me… I recall noting how brisk their pace was and wondering what the rush was… What happened next was the thing nightmares are made of… Just as they crossed my path perpendicular to me their hand raised to their mouth just in time to puke causing splatter to go to the right and left of them… The spray hit me from arm to foot… Needless to say after multiple washes, I was driving home to clean clothes…

When I woke up that morning I had no idea… In fact, my day was actually going pretty well up to that point… Funny old world…. Who would have known?

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