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June 2006

Mmmmm Chocolate…

Wow… Now THAT’s thinking!!! Amsterdam will get a theme park dedicated to chocolate and inspired by Roald Dahl’s children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” city officials and entrepreneurs said Thursday. Just like Dahl’s fictional “Chocolate Factory” owned by Willy Wonka, the main part of the “sweets park” will be located underground, in a disused […]

Checking out GameTap

So I decided to check out GameTap. It’s actually a pretty good deal. For a small monthly fee you can download and play tons of games from dozens of platforms. Everything from arcade games to windows games. I’ve had allot of fun checking out some of the older games I grew up on like Astrosmash, […]

And I thought our place was a mess

A buddy pointed out this article to me today. Imagine wanting to watch your big flat-screen television, but not being able to find it. That’s what happened to astronaut Leroy Chiao during his stay on the way-too-cluttered International Space Station. He searched the station for the desk-size screen without success. Check out the rest of […]

Doors are open at JD’s Musical Alchemy

Well, I’ve officially opened the doors to the new JD’s Musical Alchemy site. I celebrated the opening with the release of a new show. JD’s Musical Alchemy is a podcast show where I highlight various types of podsafe music. Sort of like a radio show. Podsafe music is music where the artists hold the rights […]

Quinn and Tara’s Birthday

I recently uploaded an album full of pictures from Quinn and Tara’s birthday back in April. Quinn had a party at Safari Sam’s with a bunch of his friends. We have more pictures of the day that we’ll be adding to the album in the near future. Tara had her birthday at home. She got […]

Disney 2000 photos are online.

Well, it took some doing but I finally got the first foto album up on the gallery. We still need to add descriptions to the pictures but it’s a good start even if I do say so my self. It was 6 years ago when we took this trip and we are starting to feel […]

Welcome to the new blog!

Well, it’s official now. The blog is now homed at http://www.bidiworld.net/. Please update your bookmarks and keep an eye here for future posts.