Checking out GameTap

GameTap has tons of games to chose from.So I decided to check out GameTap. It’s actually a pretty good deal. For a small monthly fee you can download and play tons of games from dozens of platforms. Everything from arcade games to windows games.

I’ve had allot of fun checking out some of the older games I grew up on like Astrosmash, Burger Time, and Defender. They aren’t limited to just older titles either. There are some fairly modern titles too. In many ways the service is on par with some of the game rental sites but instead they deliver to your desktop.

After you sign up you download the client and all interaction with your account is done through the nice 3D interface. From there you can create up to seven sub accounts so each member of your family can have an account of their own. You can even put some parental type restrictions on the sub accounts.

All in all, it’s been great fun and they are adding more games weekly. Great value for the money.

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