Garageband and IODA Promonet Music Sources

This was posted on my podshow site JD’s Musical Alchemy. I’m quite excited about the prospect so I thought I’d mention it here too.

In addition to bringing you great music from the Podsafe Music Network we just got approval to start playing music from IODA Promonet as well as Garageband. This is going to mean an even greater selection of music for the show.

IODA Promonet connects marketers across the web and blogsphere with great independent Music. They have an extensive library of albums which their publishers have allowed various tracks to be broadcasted for promotional purposes.

Garageband is a very different deal. Artists upload their music there to be reviewed as well as promote albums and gigs. Some of the artists have allowed Garageband and their radio partners broadcast rights to some of their songs. Sometimes we’re even treated to special tracks only available to Garageband and their radio partners.

I’m very excited about these new relationships. In the end it means even more variety. Look for tracks from these new services in episode 4.

The full article can be read here.

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