Superman Returns

Superman really does return!Superman really has returned in “Superman Returns”. I had a bunch of concerns going into this film based on the hype leading up to its release. It is always a brave move when you make a movie of something that has become such a staple in society. Last Saturday I got to see for myself.

You would be hard pressed to find a country or a generation that doesn’t know about Superman. Ask any child and they’ll tell you about the “Man of Steel”. Faster than a speeding bullet, can leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc.Lois Lane

Now combine Superman’s notoriety with Hollywood’s need to make a buck. The potential for disaster was paramount.

Here is the kicker. They pulled it off. The movie was awesome. Superman, played by Brandon Routh, came across exactly as he should. This was not limited to but included the troubled interest he always held in Lois Lane, played by Kate Bosworth. I had picked up some rumors concerning this prior to the movie where people were saying it was essentially a relationship movie. Not only do I not agree with this, I feel like the relationship between Superman and Lois is critical to any Superman story. In my personal opinion I think they delivered that perfectly.
Lex Luthor

Of course no Superman film would be complete without Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacey. Spacey did an incredible job as the brilliant but demented criminal mastermind.

All of the other key members of Superman’s life were there too. Jimmy Olsen (Sam Huntington), Martha Kent (Eva Marie Saint), and Perry White (Frank Langella) were all there performing their function as Superman’s support network. Overall the film did have a slightly darker tone than previous films but they didn’t make it so dark that you forgot you were watching a Superman movie.

I’m giving this movie a “Must See” as it is classic Superman at it’s best while at the same time makes full use of the Hollywood magic we’ve all come to know and love. Superman is most definitely back!!!

Superman Returns

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