Adam Sandler in “Click”

Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken in When going into a comedy like this my expectations change from what I would expect from an action or drama film. You just can’t be fair to the film if you use the same ruler you use to measure an action film. To that end, I used my comedy ruler when I watched this film.

Essentially the story is about a workaholic named Michael Newman played by Adam Sandler. Between work, family, and just trying to get two seconds of rest he finds his world spinning wildly out of control. He goes to buy a universal remote control so he can at least get his appliances in order only to meet Morty played by Christopher Walken. Morty gives him the universal remote to end all remote. A universal remote control that controls your universe. In classic comedy fashion, if it looks too good to be true then your world is about to fall apart, and it did.
Kate Beckinsale is looking good as Donna Newman
As a comedy, “Click” didn’t disappoint. We had allot of chuckles starting from the very begging of the movie. This is exactly what I was hoping for going into it. I don’t think Adam was as strong as I’ve seen him in other films like “The Wedding Singer” but he wasn’t horrible either. The entire film had a slight surreal element about it which I think had allot to do with how he came off in the film.

Kate Beckinsale was quite good playing opposite Sandler as Donna Newman. I must admit that this was the first time I’ve seen her in anything other than an action film. Personally I loved her performance. Beyond being exceptionally cute, her attitude and charisma on the screen was enchanting.
Looks like Michael Newman might have just scored.
The rest of the cast did a really good job as well. Just keep in mind this was a comedy and as such it was made to have fun. It’s not the deepest plot around but it did make me laugh allot and at times even provoke a little thought. It would be just as easy to wait for it to come out on DVD but I’m glad I didn’t.

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