My Christmas Wish List

I’ve started my Christmas wish list early this year, if you can call the end of October early. I decided to make my list on this year since they cover such a broad range of products.

While I am still a very avid gamer I have mostly been playing MMORPG games which have much longer life cycles than most standard single player games. Because of this it isn’t very often I come across a new game I’d like. Currently I am playing World of Warcraft. There is an expansion called the Burning Crusades planed for early next year but that doesn’t help when your talking about a Christmas list.

The Fang by Ideazon

There are some interesting gaming devices I’m interested in though. For one I’m looking for a new keyboard. My main requirement is having USB ports on the keyboard. This really help when you use gaming controllers and such. The other thing is a new game pad. Ideazon makes a gaming pad called the Fang. I’ve been using a Belkin Nostromo n52 for the past couple years and I’ve really enjoyed it. I have found that there are features on it I don’t use though and I really wish it had more buttons. I think the Fang might be the answer.

D&D Play

The other thing I’ve been getting involved in recently has been Dungeons & Dragons. I am in need of all sorts of reference material for the game. It has been great fun sitting down and playing D&D with the family. I play the roll of the Dungeon Master when we play. As such it is my job to develop adventures for them to explore and that’s where the source material comes in. Other than, most of the D&D items can be found at major book stores as well as game specialty stores.

As of the time of this post I’ve got all the essential core rule books either in hand or on order. What remains is maps, treasure, scenarios, and miniatures to play the game with. There is a ton of stuff out there and being that I don’t have anything along these lines yet it was easy to find a bunch of stuff I could use.

I also plan to add a few little things to the list between now and December as I think of them. Stuff like CD’s I’m interested in or perhaps a computer or Nintendo DS game. It should be fun.

So if your interested in seeing my complete Christmas wish list, click the button below. Of course if you think I missed anything feel free to post a comment.

My Wish List

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