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November 2006

Serendipity Plugin – FeedFlare 1.0

When I decided to add FeedBurner‘s FeedFlare to my blog, I was looking for the cleanest way to implement it but found nobody had made a FeedFlare Serendipity plugin. To that end, I decided to make one. Here is my initial release which is currently running on my blog. If anyone wants to add it […]

New blog features courtesy of Feedburner

In case you hadn’t noticed I have recently added two new features to the blog. Feed subscription to the blog is now handled through Feedburner. To be honest I hadn’t ever expected people would actually subscribe to my blog feed so I never considered using anything other than the default feed system built into Serendipity. […]

Makar’s First Music Video

[ev data=”wau5wxZBtcI”][/ev]Here is a fun video that came out about a month ago from Makar. You’ll remember them from our first spotlight show. This video was an entry for the YouTube Underground contest from last month. It looks like they had a lot of fun making it.

Fun Dagmar Video Diary on YouTube

[ev data=”PwhhNe8XAno”][/ev]You may remember the interview we did with Dagmar a while back. Here is a fun video diary I came across on YouTube they have done since then. Really fun stuff. You can also watch it over on YouTube. To keep up to date with the latest episodes check out their mySpace page. The […]

Released JDMA Episode 9

I released episode 9 of JD’s Musical Alchemy this weekend on Thanksgiving. This show was a mix show featuring some great music from around the net. I also announced two features I added to the podcast. I added a voice mail line at (206) 202-5249 in the US and an Odeo voice mail line which […]

Frosty the Snowbot?!

Frosty the Snowbot Techie Diva just put up an fun gadget she found that is perfect for the holiday season called the Snowbot. Esentially it is an animated USB snowman from the far future. They are very cool. Check out her blog entry at Techie Diva.