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December 2006

JD’s Musical Alchemy Christmas Show

Merry Christmas everyone… I just released a special Christmas show over on JD’s Musical Alchemy… It also came to my attention that my pre-christmas show which originally came out December 22 had the wrong file attached and I’ve rereleased it with the correct file… It was a real bummer being that my thought was to […]

Released JDMA Episode 10

Wow, I finally released episode 10 and broke the two digit mark… Subscriber counts for the podcast have been increasing which is really cool too… I was really pleased with the show… If you get a chance head over to JD’s Musical Alchemy and check out the show notes… I have a couple Christmas episodes […]

Christmas Shopping Done

It was quite the ordeal but we actually got Christmas shopping done and sent off early this year. This isn’t normally the case. Usually we spend more time trying to figure out what we are going to get everyone than actually doing the getting. The result is that we find ourselves holding off on the […]

New site design

I’ve been working on a new design and look for the blog. I think we’re finally finished with it. Much of the graphics were provided by my good friend Arlen. If your interested in the space industry and related news you might want to check out his site at http://www.fordianvillage.com/. I may still tweak it […]

Serendipity Plugin – Coppermine Selector Enhanced 2.05

One Serendipity Coppermine plugin I’ve used allot has been the Coppermine Selector plugin by Mathew Maude. One problem I’ve had with it has been that the thumbnail view has been too small for my taste and the full size images are too big. Coppermine keeps a third size called “normal” size that it uses when […]