Serendipity Plugin – Coppermine Selector Enhanced 2.05

One Serendipity Coppermine plugin I’ve used allot has been the Coppermine Selector plugin by Mathew Maude. One problem I’ve had with it has been that the thumbnail view has been too small for my taste and the full size images are too big. Coppermine keeps a third size called “normal” size that it uses when displaying the detailed image which is scaled much smaller than full size but larger than a thumbnail. It’s a more web friendly size.

My enhancement allows you to use this image instead of the full size image as well as set a maximum width and/or height for display purposes. Note that these limits don’t actually change the image in any way, it is simply a limiter on the display size. The enhancement is based off from the 2.04 version of the original plugin and these changes will eventually make their way into the official plugin.

Download the Coppermine Selector Enhanced plugin here.

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