Christmas Shopping Done

It was quite the ordeal but we actually got Christmas shopping done and sent off early this year. This isn’t normally the case. Usually we spend more time trying to figure out what we are going to get everyone than actually doing the getting. The result is that we find ourselves holding off on the shipping until we get everything together.

Not only did we finish our shopping, I am quite pleased with some of the gifts. Every year I try very hard to get people things that are just a step up from simply grabbing something off a shelf. It is one thing to buy someone perfume but another to really put your heart and mind into choosing a perfume that really suits their personality. Or alternatively buying a book or game for someone can mean allot more if you take their mannerisms or style into account instead of simply buying based on their known interests.

Regardless, I am so happy were done. Now I’ve got to get geared up for the Christmas show over on JD’s Musical Alchemy.

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