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January 2007

When Computers Go Bad

It’s been a very busy month fighting various computer problems. First I had a motherboard failure which resulted in having to gut my computer and replace most of it. Technology is changing so fast that even though many of the components in my computer were fairly new they weren’t compatible with my new motherboard. As […]

Sand Art Video on MySpace

I came across this amazing video over on MySpace when I was checking out Ethereal, a new artist for the show. I’m not sure who the artist is in the video but he’s truly amazing. The artist is pushing sand around on a back lit screen which is filmed in silhouette and projected onto the […]

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy new year. I recorded a short bonus episode of JD’s Musical Alchemy to ring in the new year. Have a safe an happy new year.