Working hard on the podcasts

Things have been crazy this week. I managed to get Episode 16 of JD’s Musical Alchemy released this week which I was really jazzed about. Among all the great artists I had lined up I also managed to get permission to play a track by Storm Large. Storm and the Balls are a Portland, OR based band and Storm was in Rock Star: Supernova last year where she made it to the final three.

I became a big fan the moment I saw her on the show to be honest I was a little nervous about asking her if I could play one of her songs on the show. Needless to say she was cool enough to agree and I’ve been anxious to release the show all week. If you have never heard her before be sure to check out the show or better yet go pick up one of her albums.

I’m also currently trying to line up some good music for a short Valentines Day show special to release next week. I have also received email from Colin from The Des Moines Riot about some new songs they’ve released we’ll likely be hearing in Episode 17.

Kobold Faire‘s podcast is still waiting. I was wanting to get more work done on the web site before releasing the first show but with everything else going on time has been very tight. If anyone would like to help contribute to a website dedicated to helping casual players find and enjoy various forms of social gaming (table top role playing games, collector cards, MMO gaming etc.) head over to and sign up on the forums. If you’d like to add to the wiki send me a PM over there and I’d be glad to get you setup.

As you can see, there is allot going on but so far I’m keeping up and it’s a lot of fun.

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