Added tumblr to

Now that I’ve had a chance to really examine Tumblr I’ve decided I really like it. I added a new address to bidiworld to get to it. You can now find my Tumblr at There will be additional content there that you may find interesting that won’t make my blog.

If you decide to use it, do me a favor and leave me a comment here on the blog to let me know what you think.

4 Responses to “Added tumblr to”

  1. Adora says:

    Always good to see another tumblr! I wish the service had a friend/directory system so it would be easy to keep track of people. Maybe it could generate a friends page that’s just one giant tumble. …

  2. Jim Davies says:

    Awesome idea. I was just looking at twitter earlier this morning and thinking something very similar.

    At the rate their adding stuff to tumblr though I don’t think it will be a long wait before so …

  3. THartill says:

    Thanks for the link on your tumblr page. I like the snap feature that you have and just signed up for it. You have any other website upgrades that you would recommend?

  4. Jim Davies says:

    The pleasure is all mine, those are some beautiful shots. While not as visible there is a unique captcha service I use on my podcast blog. It is called reCaptcha. I wrote a little about it here:

    Beyond that, the tumblr service itself really deserves a look. It really isn’t the same as a blog and done right can integrate into your existing site quite nicely. (I haven’t finished the integration yet. Still thinking about changing my blogging software before I do.)

    Oh ya… one more thing. MyBlogLog is a nice service. Adds a sort of community to your blog but isn’t invasive about it. There is a link to them on the home page of all of my sites.