Lamenting for a polyhedral life style

Have you ever felt like your life was missing something or even simply not playing out the way you wish it was? This is a problem I’ve been struggling with lately.

As a kid, say about 10 or so, I was really into pencil and paper based role playing games. That is to say, I was into them for a short while at least. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from TSR had just been released and I had the pleasure of getting my hands on an original Basic Set. A couple of my friends from the neighborhood and I would sit around taking turns as Dungeon Master on the weekends and explore a whole new dynamic in gaming.

Our new gaming group was cut short when my family ended up moving out of the country only a year or so later. Finding gaming books at that time was difficult to begin with. Finding English books in a foreign country was even harder though.

I found comfort in computer role playing games, though the restrictions of a computer environment prevented the experience from even coming close to playing around a table with friends. After a few years I finally found some friends with similar interests and we started a new gaming group. Our gaming materials were still limited to imports or what we brought with us but we weren’t going to let that stop us.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Once again I ended up moving and had to leave my new gaming group behind.

Lately I’ve been longing to game again. I’ve recruited the family into a pseudo gaming group but there are too many empty chairs to get the full experience. Most of my friends are into electronic gaming and have no interest in the unplugged variety.

To make matters worse many of the bloggers and podcasters I follow on the internet are gamers. Every other day I’m constantly hearing about games they held, pictures of gaming parties, or the latest games from the cons. Over on Dragon magazine, Shelly Mazzanoble has an excelent article called “How Shelly Got Her Game Back” about losing her favorite Dungeon Master and the thrill of getting a new one. It makes me long to have a Dungeon Master at all.

For now I have my online games. It isn’t the same thing at all but it’s something. I just hope that at some point in the future I’ll be able to have the life I picture myself living, full of polyhedral dice and adventures untold.

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