Unscheduled hiatus for JD’s Musical Alchemy

Someone might have noticed, though I have no idea who it could have been, that it’s been a while since my last episode of JD’s Musical Alchemy. Specifically, it’s been almost two months. I’m sure the world is wondering, “Has JDMA podfaded?”

The short answer is, “No.” While it is true it has been too long since my last episode, I have no intention of stopping now. Episode 30 is queued up and ready to record but I have been so busy with other things that I simply haven’t had time to finish it yet.

My latest recording setup works very well and in fact I’d like to add a couple more podcasts to my projects at some point in the near future. For one, I’d like to do a podcast for Bidi’s World. A classic audio blog. This is in addition to the recently added odiogo feature.

I have also been approached by a few artists about playing their music. It’s really great stuff too and I can’t wait to play it for you. As if that wasn’t enough, I plan to do a Christmas show again this year. Due to my holiday plans I’m going to have to get that one done in advance if I’m going to get it done at all.

In the mean time, if you enjoy the show I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment here or over at JD’s Musical Alchemy and let me know what it is you like or dislike about the show. If you have any thoughts on the topic, I’m also thinking about joining the podcast to a podcasting network such as Blubrry and would love to hear your thoughts on that as well.

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