My Son’s First Living Arcanis Game

Last Saturday was another Living Arcanis game with what has become my regular gaming group. The group consists mostly of same players I met back in Nerdcon when I first got back into gaming. The module was the first in a series that takes place in Plexus.

What made Saturday especially special is my son joined the game. Following his father’s great taste he brought an archer to the table. An Elorii Ranger with designs to become an Arcane Archer. That’s my boy!

I was a little concerned that he’d be able to follow what was going on at the table considering his age. He’s only 10. He did me proud though. Not only did he pay attention and follow the plot, but he managed to contribute to the party on a couple occasions. He’s still a little uneasy with role play, but I figure that will come in time.

It hasn’t been until very recently, thanks to the SpyCraft games I’ve been playing, that I’ve started to feel more confident in my own role play abilities. Now I even occasionally find myself talking to the NPCs directly from time to time. He will come around in time I’m sure.

It is my hope that this will be a landmark moment for him, a gateway for decades of role playing enjoyment. He is already excited about coming to the next game which sounds like will happen Saturday. If all goes well, we’ll be getting him his own set of dice too. My boy is growing up.

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