Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally 2008

June 13th we went down to Baker City to attend the Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally.  We left Friday morning before the birds started singing.  My son and I took the motorcycle while my wife and daughter rode along in a chase car.  There were three other bikes in the group and we put some of the excess gear in the truck.  The weather was great which was good news.  Just a few days before we left there was news of snow along the route to Baker City.

Instead of taking I84 all the way down there we turned off at Biggs and took the back roads instead.  As the day went on the weather just kept getting better.  It was really neat to ride among the gigantic wind turbines in the wind farms. It was humbling riding between the hills so close to them.

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The camp grounds was an RV park called Mountain View RV Park.  Their facilities were really nice.  Showers and toilets were in great shape and the staff was friendly.  Our camp site was located in the grass behind the toilet and shower building.  The grass was really well kept and it felt great to kick off the boots while we put up tents.  Once things were in place we took the complimentary shuttle bus downtown for dinner.

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