Living with the Samsung Instinct

A little over a week ago I discovered I qualified to upgrade from my Razr V3m.  I’ve been a Sprint customer for a long time now and really prefer their network.  Being that I have family, friends, and work on the network makes the free Sprint to Sprint calling priceless.

I had been marginally interested in an iPhone.  I’ve seen them in action and found them to be highly functional devices. There were more than a few draw backs I considered to be show stoppers though.  So I had set out to explore the Centro by Palm instead.

As luck would have it, the Samsung Instinct was premiering the day I arrived at my local Sprint store.  The Instinct is not a PDA like the iPhone or Centro are but it is what I would consider a “smart phone”.  It also bears a lot of similarities to the iPhone when it comes to functionality.  I knew a lot about the Centro so as I started comparing features between the two devices, I found myself increasingly impressed with it.

Taken with the Samsung InstinctThe first thing about the Instinct that stands out is the highly efficient interface.  It’s backed by a decent processor so not only are applications easy to find but they start up quickly too.  A great example of this is the 2 megapixel camera.  Press a button on the side of the phone and the camera, or camcorder if you press and hold the button, starts up and is ready to use within a second.  Compared to my Razr which could take five to ten seconds just to activate the camera this is huge.  And when you take a picture, no long wait times before it’s ready to take another.

2 Responses to “Living with the Samsung Instinct”

  1. Tony says:

    Nice article.

    How do you access the option to override the 2 minute video recording limitation?


  2. Jim Davies says:

    When you have the camera up I think it’s the button in the bottom left hand corner of the camera window. It isn’t intuitively obvious. I think I found the details buried in the manual.