Holiday Office Goofiness

The Christmas season is finally here and, for once in my life, I am actually ahead of the game.  The majority of the Christmas presents have been ordered and delivered thanks to Amazon.  There is still a little bit of shopping to do at home but even the kids are pretty much taken care of at this point.

On the whole, I’m feeling far less stressed out about the holiday than I’ve typically been in the past.  This sense of good humor has translated into my work place.  Normally there is always much to get done.  Once in a while, the company picks a day to slow down though and yesterday was the “Winter Celebration” event at work.  Essentially it boils down to food, games, and silliness.

I have one coworker in particular, Erin, who is normally remarkably self assured and intelligent.  It’s pretty hard to ruffle her feathers.  As luck has it we caught her during a moment of weakness.  With very little coaxing we got her to try the jumping game in the arcade.  She had no idea how the thing worked and we were highly amused at watching her try to figure it out.

Office pranks seem to be much more common these days.  As insurance becomes more expensive and benefits keep getting cut back, it seems like we are attempting to compensate by adding laughter to the office.  Erin has a great sense of humor which has really brightened up the office.

Does your office have an Erin?  What sort of things to do you do at the office to reduce the stress?

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