Zombie Run First Session

I ran my first full featured Savage Worlds game this weekend.  While I’ve run improvised games for one or two players before this was the first time with a scripted plot and a full group.  Specifically I ran a module called Zombie Run for a group of five players who ranged from first time players to experienced returning players.

Zombie Run is a zombie survival game in the spirit of Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland.  The players start out stranded on Manhattan island finding themselves running low on basic essentials like food an water.  It didn’t take much for the players to decide they needed to find a way off the island.

The party had a very diverse makeup.  Because we had so many first time players and I wanted a very specific mood to the game, I pregenerated all the characters for the players in advance.  I asked all the players for a profession (archetype) and a hobby to describe their character.  Using this as a premise, I made five novice level characters.

First up was the stripper with a heart.  She was stripping to put herself through medical school.  Beautiful and charismatic, she’s the face of the group though she does possess a clumsy side.

The rodeo clown participates in civil war reenactments when he’s not dodging bulls.  He made a living putting himself in danger to protect others.  He’s heroic to a fault and as good a man as you could hope to find.

The red neck was in the big city visiting his cousin the truck driver.  You’re not likely to come across a bigger pair of nut cases from the country.  Their both really good with vehicles but while one is scrawny and a crack shot with a rifle, the other is a huge monster of a man who’d rather walk right up to you and bash your head in with a wrench for crossing him.

Finally there is the doctor.  With a horrible bed side manner, while he really knows his stuff, he’s gotten himself black balled from every major hospital in NY before the apocalypse.  He’s mean, cold, and calculating.  Regardless he’s an awesome ally to have when you’re on your last breath.

The first session went very well.  They haven’t left Manhattan yet but they’re working on it.  My favorite part so far was when they have sedated the rodeo clown to keep him from making trouble for the rest of the party when they threw their fellow survivors to the zombies in order to make a get away.  The inner group dynamics for this game are going to be brutal.  To make things more interesting, one of the party members has developed a major phobia of Zombies.  This happened when the party found themselves swarmed by zombies on a dark road with the car stuck on a fallen lamp post.

Everyone is looking forward to the next gaming session.  My expectations of the group include more conflict between the doctor and the rodeo clown, more random chaos caused by the cousins, and some brilliant negotiations from the stripper as she leans how pivotal she is to the groups success.  I can’t wait.

3 Responses to “Zombie Run First Session”

  1. ghostman says:

    Great start! Waiting for more..

  2. Jim Davies says:

    Thanks. 🙂

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