Savaged Country

Last night was our biweekly Zombie Run game.  It was perhaps one of the most fun sessions we have had yet.  I’m going to try to be real careful not to reveal any spoilers for anyone wanting to play Zombie Run.

As I previously mentioned, this gaming group consists of a variety of levels of experience.  For half of the players in my group, this is their first role playing game.  The group makeup has changed slightly and we have a couple new players in the group now too.  One of the new players is my son and it was fun to have him at the tale with us.

I’m not a fan of railroading the characters into the story line.  I prefer to lure than lead.  Unfortunately this group of players is extremely shrewd.  When I try to lure them into the building where the action is, they smell the trap and head the other direction.  The problem is, the story is inside the building.  If they keep walking around potential trouble, things are going to get pretty boring.

Last night was not one of those days fortunately.  I gave them the plot hook and they took it line and sinker.  Things got very tense and they tried to make a break for it.  In the end we had a nice conflict at an abandoned mini-mart between the players and a truck full of well armed thugs.  The leader of which was a “wild card” armed with a menacing two barreled shot gun.

There were some serious casualties too.  One of the players was nearly fatally wounded.  Two of the players have an ongoing issue as well.  Both were bitten by zombies, one more seriously than the other.  Their long term fate has yet to be revealed so I won’t go into much more detail just yet.  It’s fair to say, however, that the players are paranoid that their friends could end up becoming zombies.  These fears are not undeserved.

Their destination is Phoenix and they are getting awful close to their goal.  They have picked up some friends along the way.  Soon things will come to a head.  Will our heros build a brighter future or leave the world in ashes?

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