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Jim Davies

Tara at one month old

Tara at 1 month old.

First Family Picture

This was the first family picture with the new addition…

Happy Birthday Tara!!!

She’s finally here… Tara was born April 9th 10:30am… She was 9 lbs. 4 oz. and 21″ tall… We also have her room finished (with MUCH help from the family decorators)… I’ll post pictures of that soon… Things have been real busy all in all but I have more news coming… Stay tuned…

Ugg class!!!

Things are getting busier as the due date for the baby gets closer… Less than a month to go and were trying to get things wrapped up and ready for the new arrival… We’ve had the tour of the birthing center and have birthing classes coming up soon… To be honest I’m not looking forward […]

Getting anxious

Anxious times are afoot… On one hand were only a couple months away from the new arrival to the family… This being our second one it’s not like we don’t know what to expect, however there will be life changes with having a second child and it’s going to be fun to see how that […]

Happy Valentines Day!

Yet another holiday is upon us… Admittedly I'm not a fan of most holidays but this is one of the few that I've come to enjoy since meeting my wife… So today's task is to stop by a gardening store on the way home and pick up something nice to go with her card… For […]

Google Goggle

It has been a very interesting week for internet exploration for me… For both professional and personal reasons I keep a close eye on internet services and resources… One business that has really caught my eye over the last week more than any other has been Google…Previously I had only thought of Google in terms […]

iPod Shuffle Battery Replacements

I came to a conclusion to my previous dilemma on how to best spend my gift certificates… Up until the last minute my intention was to purchase an iPod Shuffle… The problem was it came to my attention that their battery replacement program was far too expensive to cover a $150 iPod Shuffle… It wouldn’t […]

Who knew?

An interesting thing happened to me today on the way out of the bathroom… (You got to love stories that start out that way…) There I was at work minding my own business or actually finishing up my business as it were… I turned to head to the sink to wash up when the most […]

Firefox 1.0 Review

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t had much time to blog but I wanted to take a moment to talk about Firefox… I recently decided to give it a good look and have been running it for a week now… For those that don’t know Firefox is an open source web browser that’s […]