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Jim Davies

Hello Squarespace

It’s been a few years since I did any serious blogging or podcasting.  Part of my reluctance to continue had to do with the difficulties of maintaining the web site upon which the blog was hosted.  WordPress does make the job easy enough but it could be simpler.  While looking for a fully hosted system […]

OdioGo Performance Improvement

It would appear I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I was responding to a comment today when I started wondering about the performance issues I was seeing.  Using FireBug I tracked the issue down to my OdioGo buttons. Wondering if perhaps they had released an update I checked my plugins.  It turns out that previously I […]

Living with the Samsung Instinct

A little over a week ago I discovered I qualified to upgrade from my Razr V3m.  I’ve been a Sprint customer for a long time now and really prefer their network.  Being that I have family, friends, and work on the network makes the free Sprint to Sprint calling priceless. I had been marginally interested […]

Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally 2008

June 13th we went down to Baker City to attend the Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally.  We left Friday morning before the birds started singing.  My son and I took the motorcycle while my wife and daughter rode along in a chase car.  There were three other bikes in the group and we put some of […]

Demoing Changeling: the Lost

Last weekend I ran the demo from White Wolf of Changeling: the Lost. This was my first White Wolf game I’ve ever played and a first look at Changeling: the Lost for all of my players. In all fairness the entirety of our experience was based off the demo packet as none of us had […]

My Son’s First Living Arcanis Game

Last Saturday was another Living Arcanis game with what has become my regular gaming group. The group consists mostly of same players I met back in Nerdcon when I first got back into gaming. The module was the first in a series that takes place in Plexus. What made Saturday especially special is my son […]

Happy Birthday To My Loving Wife

Time seems to always be in great shortage. I just wanted to take a moment to wish Happy Birthday to my loving wife. In spite of all my quirky ambitions she still backs me up. Here is to many more Birthdays to come. May they be full of joy and laughter.

My First SpyCraft Adventures

At the end of GameStorm 10 I got to talking to one of my buddies I frequently play Arcanis with. Steve told me about a SpyCraft 2.0 campaign he was running that really caught my attention. Using the various expansions available he was running a fantasy campaign. Previous to this every time I spoke to […]

Witch Hunter 101

This weekend I played in my first Witch Hunter game. This was another living campaign setting. It is produced by Paradigm Concepts who also make Living Arcanis. Witch Hunter is very different from any role playing game I’ve played so far. Not only does it take place in a setting that is based on reality […]

RPGA Events at GameStorm 10

I played in my first RPGA event during GameStorm 10. I played a first level druid in the Living GreyHawk campaign. They had a few introductory modules running at the convention so I figured it was the perfect time to try it out. The introductory modules are designed for first level characters only and I […]