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Jim Davies

Banish the Microsoft Language Bar

I had to post this because it is a feature that has driven me nuts for years. Microsoft Office has a feature called the language bar. This is a series of buttons that sit on your task bar to facilitate various accessibility features that come with Microsoft Office. Personally I don’t care for the Microsoft […]

Added Odiogo to the blog

I was over at Techie Diva’s blog today checking out her article on the iSlide when I noticed she added a new feature to her site I hadn’t heard of before. By the way, the iSlide is such a cool device. It is a sort of skateboard that rolls on one big wheel in it’s […]

New projects and losing weight

It looks like I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve had allot of things going on lately and really haven’t had time to post anything about it. Among other things I’ve been trying to get episodes of my podcast out. I’m trying to do a show every two weeks and I have a schedule for it […]

Released JDMA episode 26

I released episode 26 of JD’s Musical Alchemy today. The show is dedicated to Derek K. Miller. I follow Derek’s blog and love the podsafe music he produces. Derek is currently suffering from colorectal cancer. I had wanted to get the show out before he went in for surgery but time just didn’t allow it. […]

Site redesign is in the works

Welcome to the new and improved Bidi’s World. I decided to make the move to WordPress. I’ve been using it quite extensively over on my podcast site and have fallen in love with it. I’m also planning on adding a podcast to this blog which should be interesting. I haven’t got any dates set for […]

Thinking of changing blogging tools

I’ve been working very diligently on a redesign of my podcast over the past month and have finally finished it. I’m quite pleased with the results which you can see by visiting JD’s Musical Alchemy. The new site uses WordPress for it’s blog and PodPress for the podcast. The result is a very easy to […]

Checking out MyBlogLog

I’ve noticed allot of blogs I’ve been hitting recently using MyBlogLog. It’s a neat idea. It extends a community like service for blogs and websites. When MyBlogLog users visit a site they can see what other MyBlogLog users have been visiting the site. This can then be an avenue to finding other sites that people […]

Added tumblr to bidiworld.net

Now that I’ve had a chance to really examine Tumblr I’ve decided I really like it. I added a new address to bidiworld to get to it. You can now find my Tumblr at http://tumblr.bidiworld.net/. There will be additional content there that you may find interesting that won’t make my blog. If you decide to […]

Playing around with Tumblr

I’ve been looking at a new service called Tumbr the last couple of days. It’s pretty cool. They describe themselves as a sort of scrapbook. It works similar to how a blog works but the difference comes in they are geared for light content. You can add links, quotes, headlines, even microblogging entries from other […]

Working hard on the podcasts

Things have been crazy this week. I managed to get Episode 16 of JD’s Musical Alchemy released this week which I was really jazzed about. Among all the great artists I had lined up I also managed to get permission to play a track by Storm Large. Storm and the Balls are a Portland, OR […]