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How good are fried worms?

So last weekend we went to see “How to Eat Fried Worms” at the 99W drive-in. If the title sounds familiar that would be because it is based on the book by the same name. The first thing I noticed when we pulled in was how few cars had shown up for the movie. By […]

Adam Sandler in “Click”

When going into a comedy like this my expectations change from what I would expect from an action or drama film. You just can’t be fair to the film if you use the same ruler you use to measure an action film. To that end, I used my comedy ruler when I watched this film. […]

Superman Returns

Superman really has returned in “Superman Returns”. I had a bunch of concerns going into this film based on the hype leading up to its release. It is always a brave move when you make a movie of something that has become such a staple in society. Last Saturday I got to see for myself. […]

Saw "Cars" at the drive-in

We went to see Cars this weekend at the 99W drive-in. It was a beautiful evening so we pulled out the chairs and sat outside to watch it. To be honest I could not have been more impressed with this movie. This is far and away one of their best movies yet in my opinion. […]