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JD’s Musical Alchemy Christmas Show

Merry Christmas everyone… I just released a special Christmas show over on JD’s Musical Alchemy… It also came to my attention that my pre-christmas show which originally came out December 22 had the wrong file attached and I’ve rereleased it with the correct file… It was a real bummer being that my thought was to […]

Christmas Shopping Done

It was quite the ordeal but we actually got Christmas shopping done and sent off early this year. This isn’t normally the case. Usually we spend more time trying to figure out what we are going to get everyone than actually doing the getting. The result is that we find ourselves holding off on the […]

Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally here. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween. If you haven’t heard it already check out the Halloween special from Friday the 13th I did on JD’s Musical Alchemy, you might want to give it a listen. It contains various songs of different genres that have a Halloweenish theme. It […]

My Christmas Wish List

I’ve started my Christmas wish list early this year, if you can call the end of October early. I decided to make my list on Amazon.com this year since they cover such a broad range of products. While I am still a very avid gamer I have mostly been playing MMORPG games which have much […]

4th of July 2006

The 4th turned out to be a pretty nice day. We had Quinn’s cousin (Andrew) as well as Lori’s parents (Dean and Mavis) over. Apparently they spent the day at the park. From talking to them it sounds like they had fun. When I got home we went to the grocery store and picked up […]

Me and the Dog

My sister recently sent me this picture which I added to the photo gallery. Sure brings back some memories. I find it hard to believe I was ever that young.

Saw "Cars" at the drive-in

We went to see Cars this weekend at the 99W drive-in. It was a beautiful evening so we pulled out the chairs and sat outside to watch it. To be honest I could not have been more impressed with this movie. This is far and away one of their best movies yet in my opinion. […]

Quinn and Tara’s Birthday

I recently uploaded an album full of pictures from Quinn and Tara’s birthday back in April. Quinn had a party at Safari Sam’s with a bunch of his friends. We have more pictures of the day that we’ll be adding to the album in the near future. Tara had her birthday at home. She got […]

Disney 2000 photos are online.

Well, it took some doing but I finally got the first foto album up on the gallery. We still need to add descriptions to the pictures but it’s a good start even if I do say so my self. It was 6 years ago when we took this trip and we are starting to feel […]

Six months old

She just got her first taste of real food and she’s loving it… It’s hard to believe how fast she’s growing up… With help getting there she can sit up on her own and with something to hold onto she can even stand pretty well too… She has been having a hard time sleeping at […]