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2010 Year in Review

Happy New Year!  This has been an absolutely amazing year for me.  It’s been a year of transformations both mental and physical.  There have been a number of very distinct visible changes in my life this year.  Most of which are centered around the quality of my life.  I’m getting healthier and going out socializing […]

Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally 2008

June 13th we went down to Baker City to attend the Hell’s Canyon Motorcycle Rally.  We left Friday morning before the birds started singing.  My son and I took the motorcycle while my wife and daughter rode along in a chase car.  There were three other bikes in the group and we put some of […]

Synaptic System Failure

I had a truly amazing year in 2007. As the year went on, I got more and more ambitious. By Christmas I had so much going on I think the creative part of my mind just shut down. I would wake up in the morning and think about all the things I wanted to do […]

Beautiful custom V-ROD

We were out taking a walk the other week and came across this beautiful custom V-ROD. The customizations were slight but gave it a very striking look.

Getting out and about.

Getting out and about.

First long ride…

Took my first long ride today… Rode into work which is a 45-60 minute ride each way past mostly farm fields… The weather was great… I'm really pleased with how the bike is working out… Especially now the CB/Sound system and light bar is installed… I've got to admit that the stock headlight was a […]

I passed!

I finally did it… I am now endorsed to ride a motorcycle… Team Oregon was awesome… I learned allot from the class and I’d recommend it to anyone… While there is still allot more to learn I walked away from the class with a confidence on the road I wouldn’t have had otherwise…The first day […]

It’s here!!!

Well the day is finally here… I bought my bike this weekend and it’s so cool I can hardly believe it’s real… I keep going out to the garage just to look at it… It’s a Suzuki C50T… I’ve bought it with a hand full of accessories I’m planning on putting on myself… I’ll post […]

Ugg class!!!

Things are getting busier as the due date for the baby gets closer… Less than a month to go and were trying to get things wrapped up and ready for the new arrival… We’ve had the tour of the birthing center and have birthing classes coming up soon… To be honest I’m not looking forward […]

Getting anxious

Anxious times are afoot… On one hand were only a couple months away from the new arrival to the family… This being our second one it’s not like we don’t know what to expect, however there will be life changes with having a second child and it’s going to be fun to see how that […]