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OdioGo Performance Improvement

It would appear I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I was responding to a comment today when I started wondering about the performance issues I was seeing.  Using FireBug I tracked the issue down to my OdioGo buttons. Wondering if perhaps they had released an update I checked my plugins.  It turns out that previously I […]

Living with the Samsung Instinct

A little over a week ago I discovered I qualified to upgrade from my Razr V3m.  I’ve been a Sprint customer for a long time now and really prefer their network.  Being that I have family, friends, and work on the network makes the free Sprint to Sprint calling priceless. I had been marginally interested […]

Banish the Microsoft Language Bar

I had to post this because it is a feature that has driven me nuts for years. Microsoft Office has a feature called the language bar. This is a series of buttons that sit on your task bar to facilitate various accessibility features that come with Microsoft Office. Personally I don’t care for the Microsoft […]

Added Odiogo to the blog

I was over at Techie Diva’s blog today checking out her article on the iSlide when I noticed she added a new feature to her site I hadn’t heard of before. By the way, the iSlide is such a cool device. It is a sort of skateboard that rolls on one big wheel in it’s […]

Playing around with Tumblr

I’ve been looking at a new service called Tumbr the last couple of days. It’s pretty cool. They describe themselves as a sort of scrapbook. It works similar to how a blog works but the difference comes in they are geared for light content. You can add links, quotes, headlines, even microblogging entries from other […]

When Computers Go Bad

It’s been a very busy month fighting various computer problems. First I had a motherboard failure which resulted in having to gut my computer and replace most of it. Technology is changing so fast that even though many of the components in my computer were fairly new they weren’t compatible with my new motherboard. As […]

Serendipity Plugin – Coppermine Selector Enhanced 2.05

One Serendipity Coppermine plugin I’ve used allot has been the Coppermine Selector plugin by Mathew Maude. One problem I’ve had with it has been that the thumbnail view has been too small for my taste and the full size images are too big. Coppermine keeps a third size called “normal” size that it uses when […]

Serendipity Plugin – FeedFlare 1.0

When I decided to add FeedBurner‘s FeedFlare to my blog, I was looking for the cleanest way to implement it but found nobody had made a FeedFlare Serendipity plugin. To that end, I decided to make one. Here is my initial release which is currently running on my blog. If anyone wants to add it […]

A Great DIY iPod Stand

This is apparently old news but I was just looking for some sort of iPod stand solution and my searches came across this article posted by Piers on his blog back in March 29, 2005. Piers details how with some cardboard, scissors, and a bit of tape you can make your own fashionable iPod stand. […]

Checking out GameTap

So I decided to check out GameTap. It’s actually a pretty good deal. For a small monthly fee you can download and play tons of games from dozens of platforms. Everything from arcade games to windows games. I’ve had allot of fun checking out some of the older games I grew up on like Astrosmash, […]